Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the BOYZ!!

Today,Jacob decided to brush his hair during breakfast,that was adorable (only moms thinks that),but it will be last time . We made a new family rule "NO brushin' our hair during meals" he was not to thrilled.
Last night ,Isaic took IJ, Jacob,Blake,& Landin bowling( IJ was the WINNeR score of 86 we are proud, Landin 85, Jacob 71,and Blake 66 , they had a Blast playin' together . while a few of us had a scrapbooking night It Was really fun, it was nice to see everyone(MOM, Anna ,Yadi,Keila, Angel,Hope,Jessica, and Getzi) Thanks to Cari for showing us to make the calendars. & MY MOM for the enchiladas, y arroz, Anna the salad was great) I can't forget to Thank my wonderful husband for being a great DAD and uncle...Blake also gave us the news that his mommie is having a GIRL.. Congratz Jessie, Cari ,Blake,Landin,and Jaren...
' til the next event ...lots of Love to all .

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