Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving ,a wise friend of ours texted me "Happy Thanksgiving! May your family be healthy, your turkey moist & your pants have an elastic waistband!" I laughed so much considering at the time she sent it to me i was complaining of my tight jeans :) We got fed twice as always this year we were honored to be invited over to Ren & Anna's home . Anna out did her self the turkey, the side's and the apple pie were great .. We had great time the boys love playing with their cousins Rhea and Dane. Jacob loved mixing all the leftovers with Rhea they made quite a mess. but fun was had by both. That evening we headed down the mountain back home were my Mom had made all the food and that night we did Thanksgiving again. Left overs at Dad's & MOM. WE ARE GREATFUL FOR OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS...
IJ found his "charlie brown tree"

JD pickin' out his tree..

On Saturday, Isaic & the boyz prepared the essentials to go and cut our family Christmas tree. we got up Lassen National park and wow were we in for a treat.. the boys picked "charlie Brown" trees, it was great but we eventually found trees they liked they even picked one for papa Javier & Mama Kity... WE HAD A BLAST!!!

THE Fairbanks found the winners ...

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The Haney Family said...

Hey! I found your blog on another blog. It's good to see your family and your boys are soooo cute! Love Adam and Marlene Haney