Friday, April 25, 2008

5 de Mayo early

IJ wating for the candy
Jacob looking for invisable candy (sorry about the quality of the pictures they are from my phone)

JD is handing candy to his papi , IJ is inside the buch of kids looking dor candy"you gotta love those pinata"
duke looks like i feel ..
The Orland Ward had their 5 De Mayo celebration early...( by the way we really dont celebrate this holiday unless we were in college best parties and car shows..we make more fuss on independence day 16 de Septiembre)but to each its own. it was a potluck and i made 24 enchiladas they were pretty good they were gone quick.. they had 2 pinatas and that was fun my kids love pinatas and they are good at hitting and Diving for candy..
tomorrow is a busy day we are getting ready to move and it has been a PAINFUL endeavour,..JD is coming down with somethin or maybe its the jump in the ditch at my parents 20 degree water.. boys they gotta jump in ... I'll keep u all updated ..