Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Weekend at the our house..

Friday- Was Ice's Work Annual Dinner they were celebrating 10 yrs. they had it at the Sierra Nevada Brewery it was a great Dinner, silent auction and dasnce "the Garcia Brother's played. It was nice to see Stephen,Susie and Katlyn again she is 8 months old how time flies she was 2 months last time we saw her. They had a four hour trip up here.

Saturday- The family had a great time driving to the bay area to visit my sister the kids love going to tia Nana's they get to play with JJ & Mariela. I got my haircut cuse it was going crazy..

Sunday- went to church , Had a great time with the Stephen and Susie and Katelyn at Hula's the kids stayed at my parents house ans as you can see they had a great time. They were suppose to help water the plants and feed the goats and instead they had a mud fight.

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Papa Paradigm said...

Cute haircut!
Looks like your kids know how to have fun.