Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jacob 's Field TRIP - HC PARK

Well, This morning I dropped off the boys early because i had a list of things to accomplish, but when i Got to JD 's School I see on the bulitin board that today is a field trip to the park ... so, JD asked me to go with.. and I had to carry JD on my back the whole way.. here is JD Playin'
JD Teacher telling IJ to line up . (he is in the green JD cap.
There he is paying attention
he got to play at the school play groung before they left.
> Daddy showed up to surprise JD at the park after work he got off a 9 AM this morning. ( he has been working 12AM til 8:30 AM ) because of the heat. so it was a nice surprise for JD he wanted his teacher to get him out.

He ran to hug dad.
Then Dad Played with him for a while..

Well , Cant forget IJ what happend with him today?
He had OPEN HOUSE that was pretty fun ..
here are some good Pics of him