Sunday, June 29, 2008

MY sister's Diana's B-day" HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

Here we all are bad pic of us but that is the real faces, we were crackin up..
JD 2nd Bday D runnin' all the games, "Casper"JD nickname she gave him ( she thinks he so lite)

JD 1st bday , D came to help mostly running behind JD.. They both have the same attitude..

My sister was born on June 29th, the day I became and older sister.. Just like anyother sisters we have had our throw downs (litterly) but that doesn't change what i feel for thast women.. She made me an aunt in 1997 when she gave birth to JJ and did I have fun with him.. then Mariela the Girl in the family.. She has been through some ups and downs and I know the Lord gives her the good and the bad to make her stronger.. She has been my BeST friend since I can remember.. She has been with me when i had both of the boys she gave them their first bath she pushed the nurse out of the way and told them she do it .. it was funny .. she has an attitude most people just leave her alone.. She is my sons FAVORITE TIA all you hear is "when are we going to see Tia NANA" so I just wanted to write a few things about my carnala and Decearle Feliz Cumpleanos...

LOVe you girl.....


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