Monday, August 4, 2008

back in the day !! Kerri & Wendy

I was going tru some pics and i came across this lil' beuti.. I wanted to tell these great women i am so blessed to have met you and allow me to be your friend.. just wanted to say I miss you all very much i'll keep lookin' and adding more


A's Mommy said...

oh my gosh, i could kill you. i know that's Connie Nelson's house (the blue chairs) but what were we doing? Loved those days, thanks for the flashback!!

Wendy Day said...

I can not believe you put this up. That is so funny. I was just looking through pictures the other day and found a bunch from sorority. I'll have to start posting some.

Kerri, don't you remember how we had to take that test for sorority. You couldn't of forgotten how Connie turned on that waterfall while we were taking that test.