Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tragedy at the Fairbanks!!!

Here is how it looked a week later not a good sight all infected and back to the hospital...

We must say i was trying to figure out what i was going to be for holloween and my costume chose me.. on saturday i got the day off for Jacob's birthday party so i started preperations .. as i was finishing the fruit platter I pulled out my handy dandi slicer i got for christmas a few few years ago that had never been opened. my wonderful husband was helping me put it together but impatient me could not wait until he finished the the handle so i started slicing with out the handle or the safety.. and yes in the middle of slicing my cucumbers it sliced my pinky off... LOL yes you are allowed to laugh jejejejeje .. it sounds funny but gosh darn it it freakin' hurts... so he rushed me to the hospital and this is what they saw ... okey this is what i saw the next day... hehehe 1/4 of my pinky is sliced way and to make things worse it got infected and they had to put e on antibiotics... just my luck so i have been off of work until nov.3 i was hoping to go back sooner but doesn't ook like it..


A's Mommy said...

ummmm GROSS!! Does it hurt still?

Vance Vansteel said...

Wow! Keep that stuff on the Discovery Channel. EWWW