Sunday, November 9, 2008

8 YEARS AGO!! 2000-2008

Wow, 8 years today... we are Celebrating our 8 year Anniversary how fast has this time past.. i Am so Grateful to have a Man the I adore, I have been blessed by having a husband that LOVES,Respects,and continues to help me grow as a woman,wife,mother,daughter and friend.

I don't know if you know our story but I will reminisce a lil' We met back in 1985 when My Dad was working for Deseret Farms in Gridley, We moved there from Sacramento. and a year later they moved my Dad to a little town called Hamilton city, Well that summer my dad was commuting from Gridley to Hamilton and once in awhile he would bring us with him.. there we met the boys 6 of them and one of the boys was to be my husband ( nah just kidding we had no idea) we use to play with them every time we came down, during that summer my Dad & his Dad switched houses they moved to our little house in Gridley and WE moved to their BIG house in Hamilton city , What a hard move that must of been for them we came to a 4 bedroom home they went to a two bedroom ( jejeje great for us!!) Well that was it for us .. Then one day this tall dark and handsome man approached me at church(student ward) and asked me if I was a "insert my last name here girl " and i looked at him like he was crazy but at the same time a little curious for he was really cute.. so i answered yes and asked me if i remembered their family, from back in the day ( please note this was 15 years later) I said of course we use to play then i asked which of the 6 he was and he said guess so i went down the list and i skipped him he said why didn't you say Isaic I said oh cuz he is the cute one (but for real i had forgotten his name) hehehe... so i played it off and we exchanged numbers and the rest is history 6 months later we were married... and have been happy ever since .. and for all those who don't think that is possible yes we do have our ups and downs but they are all great... and two boys later we are growing closer.. so like in Mexico we end our story with colorin Colorado este cuento se a terminado..