Thursday, November 27, 2008

my hurt family !!

iget to the hospital and this is what i see IJ is Tick'd and hurting
my mom and isiac took him isaic was on his way home from school and caught up to mom. there is JD and his chin,,
nurse checkin him . WHAT A BRAVE BOY HE DID NOT CRY he kept saying mom im shaking why .. i just held my big baby...:(
thats the cut after it got washed and novacaned' he couldn't feel a thimg they nmbed it well . but the shot hurt i know i had it done to my finger..AWAWWAWWAWWAW
3 striches is all iyt took there is the little neddle..

for a treat he wanted to go to IN n out cause he was "STARVING"

Thanksgiving week has been great for us Fairbanks ,starting out with JD , thinking he could stakeboard. skinned his chin ( yeah he ate pavement)
- IJ - thinking he could slide standing up on a kids slide onto the chimminey Bricks at my moms house (headbutt to a brick ) he does have a hard head he broke the brick in half( 3 stiches all it took and a skinned forehead)
Big pappa felt he was Jerry rice and tore his tendon in his knee playing football on Thanksgiving . well and we all glad moms finger is doing good.. what a yr..

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A's Mommy said...

oh man, that's how it always happens, bad things are in 3's.