Monday, January 12, 2009



Here is what my 7 year old (my little angel, my baby boy, my boy... OK you get the picture) hands me after school .. here is how it went :

Mami: how was school IJ?

IJ: bad i got no recess today ..

mami: you didn't!? why ?

IJ : well mami , i was not suppose to get recess .. but i still went to the other playground were the teacher didn't see me..

MAmi: IJ was that the right choice ?

IJ : Probly not because i got a pink slip .

MAMI: what ! another one IJ IJ IJ what does it say .. what did you do?

IJ: mami mami mami yes i know I'm in trouble i didn't choose the right .. dang mom choosing the right isn't that much fun.. The teacher said i was loud in class so was .... and...., but i was the only one that got introuble and she sid for recess to stay in with my head on the desk.. and i dint litsen , so i went to play..

MAMI : IJ you disobeyed your teacher ...Please go to your room and think about what kind of consequence you should have..

IJ : I HATE when i have to choose it. because you never like what i say..
Mami: IJ please go do your homework too.
IJ 2 things ah...ah...ah.. so much for a kid ..

so i sent him to the room and didn't know what to think of our conversation to cry , laugh, or beat him.. so parent heads up.. and for those who already been through this i like to get your input..


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Keith said...

I don't know what to say. The story brings to mind how I was in a class, maybe 1978... maybe earlier,and two of us were in a classroom, unattended.

(violation of California Law)

I was given a yelloiw slip, and I was left shocked. I knew that I was to get a blue slip (major violation) and was botrhered at the failure to follow protocol.

Still, I remember sitting for hours writing 500 words on why what I did was wrong...

Gracias. This wassa wonderful read.