Monday, January 26, 2009


Saturday night I get a frantic call from Ice saying get to Enloe on Bruce.. IJ Broke his shoulder or collar bone.. ahahahahahah .. I say to my self what the heck please recall last time i headed to Enloe was a few saturdays ago when he had 3 stiches on his four I get there and i am told that it was a real bad break and they are afraid to cast him because he broke his arm above the growth plate .. so they need to rush my 7 yr old to the ER " rush" i say i can drive him over.. no the ambulance will take him they are on the way.. what is all i can think and i try to keep IJ calm .. When i see him he is a druged up on morfin.. and he is telling me the story.. he fell off of grandpa Ren's tail gate after Jacob tru his favorite pokemon book up in the truck.. and he sliped off.. hit the concrete floor.. and end result broken arm..


Kerri said...

oh little boys, what trouble they stir!! Is he ok?? He'll be proud of that story when he's older!

aaronalli said...

That's so sad. But he will have a great story to tell his friends about riding in a ambulance. Hope you are doing well.