Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jerry & Roberta Baby Shower

Mommy & Samuel
Jerry lickin baby butt..
Openning gifts

& the winning baby was Irma's everyone was very creative..
picasso onsie's the flower onsie won..
gum baby Cristina really making a nice baby girl

Decorating the onsie's Yvonne hard at work

The poop game yeah very popular game...

Derrek felt the need to see what type of poop it was LOL

The food ... what could we say " typical mexican party .. chicken , rice, beans, salad, & cake for the end.. " yum yum "

The Cake

I had the honor of getting Jerry & Roberta's babyshower.. I had a blast her colors were green ,pink,and white.. guess what she is having...A girl.. It was actually a blast had a few games it was coed so the guys really enjoyed themselves.. the cake was very good made by my mom.. and the famous chicken in the barrel by my pops it was a family affair.. what a business we have going on .. Thanks Irma for choosing me to put it together.. Roberta looked Beautiful..

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BabinBlogger said...

Roberta looks fabulous! So pretty. Thank you for putting together her baby shower! It looks like it was alot of fun! it's fun to see your blog and i'm glad you're following mine. we can keep in touch that way!