Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grandma Fairbanks IS Resting....

Grandma Fairbanks Funeral was Wed, March 4.. It was sad but at the same time bitter sweet. She did not want to hang around here with out Grandpa they had been married about 62 years.. Together Forever.. It was nice to see family again.. I do miss the family get togethers.. so here is a glimpse of Grandma's Funeral .. after the gravesite we all went to grandmas for lunch.. that was a sad to be there and them not there .. we visit them lots .. we had the most elegant dinners at her house.. both of my boys learned to walk there.. and she always had a camara near by... We are going to Miss Her..
Most of the grandsons Paul leading

Sara and Carter look it how cute , they made it from Utah it was a treat to see them .
Dee Dee and Zach

RaNell and Family it was really nice to see Krystal and Chaz it had been awhile.


BabinBlogger said...

i love to follow your blog! it's so nice to keep in touch this way! i'm so sorry to hear about your grandparents, you must miss them so much but how beautiful to think that they are together!

The Fairbanks Clan said...

Thanks for posting this blog, I wish we could have been there. I enjoyed seeing the pictures from Grandma's house. Thanks again!