Monday, April 6, 2009

Camping Weekend

We took a nice deserved break and headed for the hills .. We took the boys to Black Butte for some family bonding (camping) we had a blast. We left Friday after I got off of work and got there with enough time to set up before it got too dark .. had some time for dinner and smores' .. it was windy very windy .. so we slept in our wonderful sturdy tent until 6 am when the wind over blew and took off the top .. ( we were not the only crazy people in tents) .. So Papi ( Ice ) got up out of our warm sleeping bag and got out to hook it back on.. it did not phase the boys ..any they were ready to go fishing in the windy condition.. so we decided to eat cereal in the van .. ( that's is how windy it was.. ) ..then I had to head down the hill to go to work.. and made it in time .. Ice took the boys to look around the camp site and find good fishing spots until the air died down .. by the time i got back up it was hot and sunny and everything seemed great.. started dinner .. and to our surprise my parents and grandparents showed up with some carne to make carne asada and a new DS game for IJ .. (figuring he would be bored) he wasnt they made friends quick .. (Alex and Heather from Natomas) so after we ate my parents left about 8:30pm and we stayed and made smore's.... the next day we were getting ready to leave and my whole family showed up for lunch .. so we had a great time didn't get home til' 7:30pm ...
the boys almost caught a fish .. ;) ( they did try..

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Wendy Day said...

Sounds like fun!!! I miss camping. I'm hoping to go camping with the kids this year.