Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter !!

We had a great Easter.. We got home at 2 am Sunday from dropping off Papa Cuco at the airport .. He flew back home to Colima .. 4 weeks were up.. thats all he can stand to be here..

So at 6 : 45 am we woke up to head to my parents house where Javi & my parents were waiting so we can head over to San Francisco to spend it with my sister and the kids.. Isaic Drove because I drove back from Sac and he took a nap.
We had a great time D' made us Hamburgers and hotdogs.. Mami y Papi hid the huevos and the kids looked and found lots .. they palyed Wii and Ds and we headed back before heavy traffic.. got home at 9 pm .. Javi headed back home to Sac and Were blessed to spend it with Family..

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