Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer is Defenatly HERE!!!

My boys are off.. and im trying our new summer schedule... our binder is full of summer activities we are going to be trying out.. it has been a little difficult ,because we are helping my mom & dad move out of thier house..

IJ - made the swimming team , and has practice every day ... today is his scrimmage and he still has his tutor that is helping him in Reading and Math..

JD - is starting soccer, involved in roping, and is in the process of selling all his 100 chickens and 6 goats and his steer. 

Ice - is working and loving spending time with the boys..

Me- Im just working, planning events and trying to keep sane.. loving the time i get to spend with my boys..

I'll try to keep up the posting i have been slacking.. and IJ & JD love to see pictures on here...

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