Thursday, November 18, 2010

EMIKO CRISVIER - 1 month old

Can't believe it has been a month .. my little girl is growing too quick... my boys go around talking to their sister saying " I'm your broder.. broder is here.." they adore her they are in love with her she has truly stole all of our hearts.. she is a night owl like mom so its no fun when I am tired.. Dad is wrapped around her little finger already any whimpering she has him there to pick her up.. the boys also wont let  her cry or whiper if she starts they pick her up and bring her to me so she can be fed because they already checked if she has a dirty dipper .. she is not at all like my boys they sleep through the night by this time and were content in their rocker of=r bouncy chair not her she likes only to be held.. My mom claims i might not be able to go back to work because Crisvier is a handful.. but we are Grateful to have her her in our family..

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