Monday, February 21, 2011

4 Months


OUR Baby is 4 months and just to see her go from smiling to giggling has been a blessing.. she is our little ray of sunshine every morning the boys adore coming in and getting a big grin form her .

she has longer conversations

she loves those fingers

HATES  chupones(binkis) bottles and anything else in her mouth that does not produce her milk

she jumped from 3 month clothes to 6-9 months

she kicks her self around her crib very funny to watch her

she is starting teething  :( she is slobbbbblery and anything that can scratch her gums shes up on it.. kids


She’s making funny faces and and the one pictured is our favorite that is how she tell us she is not NOT happy JD lost 2 more teeth and the tooth fairy forgot to come pick them up.. so 2 days later he made 6 dollars “I think the fairy felt guilty”


The Garrison Family said...

She is so sweet! The tooth fairy has also been late at our house and it seems to work out well for our kids too as they seem to get a little extra dollars out of guilt!

Busy as a Bee in Paris said...

she's adorable, guess i'll get to see her in june when i come visit my family! we'll have to get together so our boys can play!