Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Helping Daddy …



While Daddy is doing the Yard with Emi the boys are busy having fun in the mud…




This was the beginning of an awful ending.. They were sliding in the mud and after a while IJ yelled for Ice and Myself.. “JD is BLeEEEEEDDDDing!!!!!!!”we run out to see JD covered in mud and his hand in Blood …. I run to him he is crying at the top of his lungs” it hurts…so i take ff his clothes put him in the shower and wash him off .. the bleeding wont stop and I see the cut not a pretty sight… it will need stitches it looks deep.. and I cant clean it out with the water.. I get him dressed and pour peroxide on the cut to see if that will help it get cleaned .. he is in so much pain.. that Ice grabbed the baby IJ and we jumped in the truck and headed out to the hospital ..we get their and JD is calm and has Emi’s burp rag around it ( JD said that is the softest towel we own…:) the nurse comes out to look at it and brings gauze with her ask him to put that around it. he does it must have looked bad it took them 5 minutes to get him back there … they gave him a shot to numb it that was awful he really screamed when they shot it inside of the cut.. then they had to scrub and try to get it cleaned with a-tips it looked awful.. they were going to stitch him up about 10 stitches they said but when the dry said they could get in that deep with it touching the bone they only did 2  and left the rest open to have it drain.. and they slinged it.  my pooor baby…after that we had to go get his antibiotics the dr. wanted him to start  today.. by the   time we got home he was so worn out.. IMG_20110426


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The '6' Fairbanks said...

Ouch, poor guy. Between you guys and Dane, you are all doing good;)