Thursday, October 20, 2011

Emiko Turns the Big 1

I always read blogs were their babies turn one and they always start with “I cant believe”  Well Iam one of those … A year came way to quick my baby girl is now what is considered a toddler..

her acomplishments:

* she can walk

* 6 teeth

* she went thru a major head injury and survived.. :)

* lets us know when she needs to go to the Baby room ( bathroom)

* speaks ( da da ,mama, comer, mas , ven , onde, vamonos) and a few more i still cannot desifer but my mom can.

* hugs and pats your back

* loves to piont the I told you finger to her brothers

* big helper ( picks up her toysDCELL 302 The day I had her..

DCELL 293 the day she was born ..10/18/10

momd 017 Granpa & Grandma were here for her 1st birthday all the way form Australia.momd 024

momd 075momd 051

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