Friday, March 28, 2008

Last day of Spring Breaks for the Boyz!!

in the entrance

the boyz playing

IJ playing

Did we make it fun.. played around the house all day, Isaic got hurt the night before playing softball(re-injury) so he went to the dr. and was sent to Chico for some X-rays, JD fell asleep on the way so when we got there IJ & Papi went in to get X-ray I stayed in the car w/ JD, Anna (my sis-in law) called me on her way home from work we had a nice chat. after awhile Isaic & IJ came back and IJ excited he saw papi's skinny bones and his knee ... we tryed a new restaurant across from Chuckie cheese (our real destination), but i cant have pizza so we tried "Anselmos (Mexican fast food )Ij said mom "this is Mexican McDonald's they have burritos with fries." we cracked up :) he is so funny but he was joking I have never in my life seen fries in a burrito (Please note I was born in Mexico) so, to our surprise (not really ) we were not to impressed with the food. after that little excitement we headed to Chuckie Cheese were we all got $ 2.50 each and played together after about 2 hour we put our tickets in the counter and we had 128 tickets.. the boys got their nick knacks and on the way home they wanted ice-cram and were better than Mc Donald's with the inside playground to finish off their break. Isaic ordered the ice-creams while i ran after the boys to the back playroom, and to my surprise i was greeted by my college RA Jose and his 3 kids. we talked for about an hour and the boys were ready to go.. we drove home exhausted boys got home didn't even take baths straight to their beds prayers, scriptures(1 verse) and they were out... that was our day.. sorry so long IJ want to read more .. he told me " mom you don't tell story's about us,WHY? so hopefully this is what he wanted.. lets see what we do Saturday.. Clean up clean up ( sound like a good plan) ..