Wednesday, April 2, 2008

what they do at THE grandparents house may surprise u!!

happy with the rats
the rats

The boys called and said mom we got a pet...

Please keep in mind we have 4 dogs, Jojo(Chihuahua- Jacobs)

Pretty(pit bull- JJ&Mariela's)

Daisy(Terrier-IJ)JJ loves her too but it is IJs',

Duke(German Shepard- Papa Javier) and they all live at my parents, we are not counting the numerous chickens in cages for the eggs and the ones running around... that is way to many animals(what great grandparents) but today they(my children call with help of daddy saying they bought a calf (bobo)5 dollars and 3 kids(baby goats) for 5 dollars and found a lizard and baby gophers ( they were rats).ah ah ah ah

please don't bring them home i pleaded........... they didn't, they said are going to pick them up on Monday. but except for the rats. My plan is that they are going to be donated to petco or a pet shop to feed the snakes as soon as their enthusiasm wears out .. a day in my life, moms hold on to your hat this will happen to you..

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