Saturday, May 17, 2008

Father and Son Campout

Dad invited Isaic and the Boys to the Stake campout which was held out at the Farm ..and the boys were so excited that they packed a few days before, so at the last minute they forgot all.. JD wasn't able to go he had been feeling under the weather so he stayed and did a Papa Javier and JD day. IJ took my camara and just shot away ...So here are his pics I have no idea who anybody is so enjoy...

Isaic & IJ leaving to the camp...

Dad & IJ waving bey to me ...

Father's & son competing
IJ's Friends

IJ said they had fun they had water ballon fights and marshmellow fights, and loved having granpa Ren tickle him at night.

Ij is the one with the camo shorts

snake that they found the next day ready to go home !!

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Wendy Day said...

It looks like they had alot of fun. I know Cody is really looking forward to having some dad time and going camping with him this summer.