Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jacobs Preschool is studing about the farm this week and Jacob had signed up early this year for show and tell. We were going to bring a baby chick but someone had already brought one the day before so Jacob asked if he could bring his calf "Poop" and his kid(baby goat) "snow". Teacher was excited. so the next day drive to papa Javiers house and I run out of gas 1/4 mile to thier drive way, papa was driving by so he stoped and offered 3 gallons. Jacob helped him of course, he was so excited to get his animals he even dressed like papa Javier. when we got to the school the day care kids saw and asked to come touch them we left them in the cage so the kids would not be afraid, but when Jacobs class came out Jacob got in and pulled them out, it was a blast for them.

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