Monday, December 15, 2008

look what was waiting for us!!

A package IJ said "mom you locked Santa out he could come in" he was pretty worked up.
so he got the most safest equiptment to open it (yes i helped) .

wow what are all these presents .. we are so loved" it is from Tia Shauna " yelled Jacob

IJ decied to put them all under the tree...

Then Jacob helped ...

OUr BOnus our cousin's pictures they are so much bigger than when we saw them this summer .. But we miss them very much .. Shauna is my bestfriend and I love and MISS HER i wish she lived close i would be at her house almost every day.. we talk about everyday.. I thank my heavenly father she is in our lives.. Thanks SHAUNA we LOVE YOU & the kids!! cant wait to see you in May..

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