Sunday, February 1, 2009


Check my deals , Cousin Gary's in Chico were remoldeing their model homes and were selling all their old stuff ( never used and they call old..) but new to us .. so we got this coner hutch for

$ 35.00.. whatcha think..

So we sold the boys twin beds ( bunk beds) on craigslest and bought thier new twin beds with new matress for 20.00 each with new bedding.. i'll post pics soon..

okey next in line Oxford suites remodeled and sold some stuff cheap

----VCR 's -buy 1 for 5.00 and get one Free.. nice ones too.

----TV stands - 5 .00
My stuff doesn't match but Im oK with that.. :) just thought I sare my bargins with all my friends..

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