Wednesday, February 4, 2009

UPDATE ON IJ and his ARM >>>

Today he had a re-evaluation, and Dr. Hardwood said he had moved his bone a little more.. Its crazy to see my boy in pain and have him act like he is tough.. so end result he is to stay at home for 2 more weeks until he is re-evaluated, because if he goes to school he might reallly make it worse.. so that means i am homeschooling my kid for 2 more weeks .. it actually has been fun we have made it into a game and he actually works well.. he named me ms. Pokia ( my teacher name) lol hes cute but he still does real homework from 8-1pm with 1 recess and lunch in between.

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Wendy Day said...

Not fun at all. I hope he gets better soon. Are they going to cast it at all or just let it heal on its own? I remember right after we moved here to Utah we were in SLC and Cody was misbehaving. He was right by the edge of the road and Jonathan was holding on to his arm so he didn't fall into traffic. He did end up falling to the ground. He cried and cried and cried. He wouldn't move his arm for over an hour. So we finally left and took him to the ER. They took x-rays and said he had a hairline fracture. They wouldn't cast it because they were afraid it would swell. So they put an ace bandage on it and put it in a sling and directed us to see our doctor in a couple days. When we got home he wanted to use it right away. We waited a couple of days and then off to see Dr. Jeff. Dr. Jeff looked at the x-ray and called the head radiologist at the hospital. Guess what? No broken arm. He had nurses elbow (I think that is what they called it). Jeff said that they probably popped it back in place when they did the x-rays. I was grateful that his arm wasn't broken. Jeff did tell me that they wrapped it wrong for the kind of break they said he had. Got to love the ER. Hope you feel better soon IJ.