Friday, February 13, 2009


IJ went to work with me today, because he wasn't feeling to good, so while I was working my son kept saying "mom I'm hungry... mam tengo hambre" if he knew another language trust me he would have asked me in that language .. kept answering.. give me 5 more min.. well, he was in my bosses office (he is a very nice guy) doing homework . the end we left i fed him and all is well, we think the next day i get to work and my boss " Laird" called me over and said Mayra could you please come in here, of course i replied please read this ..the little note read : open this note-


so he is apologizing for eating his chips . everything made sense because that morning he wanted to stop at the store to buy chips and i said cant have chips ...he was pretty sad .. but Laird said that it was okay not to say nothing or get him in trouble.. what he did was the hardest thing to get anyone to do.. he was honest and upfront that says alot about him,.. i was a proud momma... the boy has character...

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