Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Party

IJ has been out of school since his accident.. ( broken arm ) so we have him on independent study ( home school ) for 5 more weeks .. Today his Teacher Mrs. Burfiend asked to bring him in because they were going to have a class party.. so i got there at 11 am for his math time he enjoyed being back in school..after math ... it was all about party.. it was so cute to see everyone calling IJ's name lining up to give him valentine cards. the teacher told everyone to pass out to others and wait on IJ so no one would hurt him.. they were anxious to give them to him because they dont see him much..
He had a lot of fun he has been a little bored with no interaction from his friends.. So IJ asked me to get my camara to take pictures..

JD had a party too but I missed it because i went to IJ's so well have to take pictures of his Valentines'..

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