Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photo Tag

This is Grandpa Fairbanks and I, on November 11,2000 , at my MEX reception.. at my uncles shop.. we were outside and we were having a great time.. He is AWSOME.. I love him so much.. unfortunatly he is not doing too good at the moment , but im glad this was the pic.. brings back lots of memories.. He is the pillar of the Fairbanks Family..
It's Photo Tag: here are the rules- 1. Choose the fourth folder you store your pictures in on your computer 2. Select the fourth picture in the folder 3. Explain the picture 4. Tag four people to do the same. I tag... Keri, Becky,Wendy,Amber. This is a fun one! You should do it!


Kerri said...

wait, you said it was from 2009, is that right?? sounds like fun!!!

IJ y JDs Mami said...

yeah,lol .. I guess it must have been way too late.. thanks for catching it .. jejeje

IJ y JDs Mami said...
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