Monday, May 11, 2009

200th Post !!! MOTHER'S DAY

1st ...Let me start by saying this is my official 200th post.. Amazing....

2nd... Mother's Day .. IJ & Papi made me breakfast while I was putting the finishing touches on my lesson .. and only because Sis. McLaughlin asked if If I remembered i had to give it.. ( i remembered and had done it . i just had not pulled it out since tuesday.. ) lol ...

So , I get eggs with a couple of small shells , ham and OJ .. it was great... then at church my parents and my boys hand me a dozen yellow roses and a balloon..

and two hand made cards they made..

After Church we met my brother at his house

He had presents for us .. it was so sweet ... This is what he got me ...

and .. MOm had no idea we were going to go to sac..

so she was suprised..
from there we headed to Old Sac

we walked around got a horse carrige ride .. snacked and then headed to A Restaurand my brother Javi had reservations at.. very nice and elegant.. expensive as well .. Javi It was GREAT GRACIAS...
this was my dinner..

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